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Insider threat

Of all data breaches are carried out by insiders.

Source: IBM


Unintentional data loss

Of insider threats are unintentional.

Source: CA Technologies


Increase company productivity

Average saved by the companies that contained a breach in less than 30 days.

Source: IBM

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Insider Threat Detection

Insider threat detection

It’s a scary world out there, but most threats come from within. Instantly detect and prevent harmful employee actions – intentional or unintentional.

Insider threat forensic investigation
IT Forensics

When incident strikes, investigating takes time you don’t have. Monitor all employee actions, then quickly examine them to find the culprit.

Intrusion detection and prevention
Detect Threats in Real-Time

Catch threats in real-time, before it’s too late. Rules-based and heuristic detection and restrictions for unusual activity.

Data loss prevention
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Lost data is lost time, customers and revenue. Block data breaches caused by employee actions before they happen.

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Insider threat detection
Compliance Control
Ensure compliance

Compliance Control

Compliance control software

GDPR, HIPAA, PCI… there’s never been more compliance policy to live by. Stay compliant, and ensure you avoid costly employee breaches.

Protect compliance related information
Protect Sensitive Information

Customer trust is everything. Make sure confidential data like SSN, HICN and NHS numbers never leave your system.

Data processing policy
Data Processing Policy

Handling data is tricky. Be certain you’re doing it within the letter of the law and avoid potential fines in the process.

Data breach alarms
Data Breach Notification

Breaches can be baffling. Full incident reports tell you everything about before and after a breach, so you know exactly how to respond.

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Tracking All Actions across All Endpoints

Covering Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints, the Empulse agent collects data about all employees’ actions, including app and website use, copying and transferring data, as well as sending emails and IM messages. Our solution allows you to have a centralized insight into the activities of every computer at your workplace.


What our Clients Say

A great tool to visualize team productivity. I would recommend it to all operational teams working remotely at home.
User testimonial on employee monitoring software
Güven Bıçkıcı
Senior C.X. & Operations Manager at Armut
Pretty intuitive for our management, allows team leaders to manage their own departments, and lets employees fill in their own time spent on meetings and workshops.
Fred Nicholson
Fred Nicholson
CEO at Loge
The All-in-One application that streamlines day-to-day operations to manage productivity better. Tracks every instance of your employee which is great for having coaching & feedback sessions.
Rohit Tinku
Rohit Tinku
Sales Manager at Noon Dalton

How Do You Want to Securely Store Your Data?

Employee monitoring - cloud solution

Cloud Solution

The best option for teams who want a fast, easy setup in just a few minutes. No tricky setup, added technical equipment, or involvement from your IT team. Your data is safely stored on industry-leading AWS infrastructure using the latest security standards.

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Employee monitoring - on-premise solution

On-premise Solution

Wanting to store your data on your own servers? Our on-premise solution is for teams who don’t mind a little extra technical effort and have the IT team to pull it off. Your company provides the servers, we use them to store our data.

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