We Create Safe, Secure & Compliant Workspaces

Care about your company’s data? You sound a lot like us, then. Problem is, securing your data takes more than one set of eyes. That’s where we come in. Like your all-seeing sidekick, Empulse protects your data, building a more safe, secure and compliant workplace.

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Our Mantra: Sophisticated Security That’s Simple To Use

Security should be sophisticated. But it shouldn’t be difficult. We keep the complex parts under the hood, and let you secure and monitor your entire workplace with about as much effort as it takes to read an email.

The Evolution of an Idea

Empulse started life as an employee monitoring and analysis tool. But we kept our ear to the ground, read millions of data signals, listened to thousands of customers, and had a realization: in this new era of data, businesses crave security. Our customers evolved, we evolved with them.

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Our Values

Drop by our office and you’ll see them on display.

Always Learning

There’s no amount of knowledge that’ll satisfy us. Day after day we soak it in, constantly learning and adapting to improve our product, ourselves, and our organization. The speed of our industry means change is constant. Not something we fear. Instead, we embrace it to innovate and grow.

Team Driven

We have an incredible desire to win. Second is not an option. Everyday we define success and achieve it. To us, job descriptions are just a starting point. We expect and push each other to go beyond, forever expanding our skills, fostering new ideas and growing as a team.

Customers First

We believe in long-lasting customer relationships, not just transactions. We’ll always put you first. And listen to what you tell us. Whether it’s feedback, guidance or industry expertise, we’ll take it in, bounce it around the office, and use it to better our product and organization.

Be Awesome

You’re counting on us. We know that. There’s simply no room for mistakes when it comes to security. The quality of our product and people has got to be more than just great. It’s got to be awesome, so you can rely on us for your most important business decisions.

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Board of Directors

Jan Kobler
An experienced and enthusiastic early-stage investor and Managing Partner at South Central Ventures. Driven by a passion for actively working with committed founders to help them grow their businesses.
Nebojsa Lazic
A six-time CTO with 20 years’ experience at technology startups ranging from mobile enterprise to cloud applications, before becoming a General Partner at StartLabs early-stage investment fund.
Ivan Petrovic
A technologist since his teens, successful founder by his early-20s, and self-professed security nerd. Early days of hacking have evolved into building cloud solutions companies love and managing teams across three continents.

The Empulse Team

Our all-star lineup.

Nenad Lazarevic
Head of Marketing
Sebastian Kipman
Head of PR
Milan Dinic
Head of Development
Mihajlo Paunovic Triandafilov
Head of UX 
Jana Jovanovic
Head of Sales

+ 8 engineers building amazing technology to protect your data
+ 5 customer success specialists there for you 24/7

Our Advisors

Ryan Fyfe
Business Advisor
Dagan Pleskonjic
Security Advisor

Our Investors

We’re supported by awesome funds and exceptionally smart investors who are super excited about what we’re building.

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