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Insider Threats Account for 60% of Data Breaches and We Can Prevent Them All

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Insider threat detection

The agent is a software that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, integrated on both the application (user) and the kernel level.

It collects data that can be relevant for detecting insider threats, such as apps and websites used, words typed in a program, as well as files copied and uploaded.

The mechanism for the prevention of undesired actions is built into the agent.

The agent’s minimal footprint allows it to have no impact on the performance.

Insider threat detection


Insider threat detection

The server collects data from agents, which it then processes and organizes for machine learning and analytics. The collected data is stored for two years.

Apart from working with collected data, a server is in constant communication with agents for the latest configurations or real-time action, when required.

Our server supports different types of connectors, allowing you to access your data by using the data analysis tools that you are already familiar with.

Insider threat detection


Insider threat detection

An accessible dashboard is your window to all our data and notifications – everything you need to know is just a few clicks away.

This is where you will configure and tweak all the features that will be carried out through the agents or our server.

As we value the importance of user management, we leave your login up to you: select the standard username and password, or opt for an SSO or Active Directory.

Insider threat detection


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