Data Loss Prevention

Your data is your lifeblood. Lose it, and your finances and reputation can go with it.

Data Loss Prevention

Cost of Data Breach


Insider threat

Average cost of an insider-related incident over the past 12 months.

Source: Ponemon Institute


Unintentional data loss

Average cost per lost or stolen record.

Source: IBM


Increase company productivity

Average annual cost increase per record.

Source: IBM

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Keep all your endpoints
Safe, Secure and Compliant

Create Rules

DLP - Create protection rule

The first step to keeping your data secure is to use the policy enforcement engine in order to create rules in accordance with your company’s guidelines. Primarily focus on implementing the established classification of data and keep track of what employees use and how in order to create new rules.

DLP - Create rule

Automate Prevention

DLP - Prevention

Prevention is an important component of the agent software and crucial for protecting your endpoints. The predefined rules dictate when an action should be stopped, be it a file upload, a USB or network folder transfer, a clipboard paste in undesired applications, or the printing of specific content.

DLP - Prevent

Rely on Notifications

DLP - Notifications

Stop worrying about your dashboard; you do not need to monitor it in real time. By using a simple notification service, you will be informed every time an alert is triggered. You can also choose the most efficient type of notification for you – an email, an SMS or an in-app message.

DLP - Notifications

Detect Anomalies

DLP - Detect Anomalies

By gradually learning your employees’ habits on their computers, our system can detect actions that seem unusual for an employee or department. This detection can then be transformed into a rule, allowing you to prevent these types of actions in the future.

DLP - Detect Anomalies

Understand the Context

DLP - Understand the Context

Once an alert is triggered, you can easily access the actions that preceded it in order to understand how and why it happened. Understanding the context of an incident is as important as prevention itself, since it allows you to make the necessary changes and keep it from happening again.

DLP - Understand the Context

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