Insider Threat Detection

Identify risky employee behavior in real-time to safeguard your company from insider threats and breaches. We keep an eye out, you get on with business.

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60% of Data Theft Comes From Within

The more digital our world becomes, the more at risk our data is. And the scary reality is 60% of data theft is done by employees, which costs your bottom line and reputation.

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Detected Insider threat notifications

Stop Insider Data Theft at the Source


Insider threat

Average cost of an insider-related incident over a past 12 months.

Source: Ponemon Institute


Increase company productivity

Average saved by the companies that contained a breach in less than 30 days.

Source: IBM


Unintentional data loss

Of insider threats are unintentional.

Source: CA Technologies

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IT Forensics

Insider threat data forensics

When a threat strikes, effective damage control begins with finding the root cause. Via constant monitoring, we build a gold mine of information that lets you search and pinpoint any incident. Then, take swift action to turn the situation around.

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Insider threat forensics

Detect Threats in Real-Time

System for intrusion detection

Like a forcefield for your data, smart rules-based restrictions instantly notify you of suspicious or unusual activity. Plus, Machine Learning-powered heuristic detection makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.

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Intrusion detection

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention and protection

Your data is your lifeblood. Lose it, and your finances and reputation can go with it. Using a proprietary rule-set, we secure your data and prevent the loss of even a single byte.

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Data loss prevented
Solutions for All Your Most Important Data
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Use Cases

Data leakage prevention

Once confidential data gets into the wrong hands, there’s no turning back. Stop leaks and protect your back pocket and reputation.

Prevent data leakage


Managing personal data in the GDPR era? What a nightmare. Be certain you’re doing it lawfully to avoid a costly penalty landing in your mailbox.

GDPR complience


Your company is only as good as your people. Weed out bullies and aggressors to maintain the culture you’ve worked so hard to create.

Workplace bullying prevention
Hipaa compliance tool

Complying with strict HIPAA regulations calls for a whole lot of admin. We help simplify things, speeding up HIPAA compliance, system implementation and auditing. So, you can get on with caring for your patients.

PCI compliance tool

Collecting cardholder data means complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). A single slip up can lead to substantial penalties. We’ll help you safeguard cardholder data and comply with ease.

Vendors monitoring
Monitoring Vendors

As a business, it’s common to work with third-party vendors. This requires handing over sensitive data and equipment. Take the stress out of it and protect your confidential data with vendor monitoring.

Prevent unintentional data leak
Careless employee behaviour

Bad intentions aren’t always behind data breaches. Often leaked or lost data is unintentional, without the employee having the faintest idea. Catch careless behaviour and stop innocent data breaches.

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