IT Forensics

When a threat strikes, effective damage control begins with finding the root cause.

IT Forensics

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Search log events for root cause

IT Forensics - Search

Once you realize that an incident has occurred, investigate who is responsible for it and how it came about. First check who accessed a file at a particular location or with a particular name, and then search for the part of the content that was leaked. Our user-friendly search filters will guide you through this process seamlessly.

IT Forensics - Search

Different types of log events

IT Forensics - Event types

During the search, you will encounter several types of collected data containing different information. File copy events will contain the source and destination, while time fragments will contain the title of the window, allowing you to search for specific content on entire screenshots. An alert is a special type of log event, indicating that a predefined security threat has occurred.

IT Forensics - Event types

Understand the Context

IT Forensics - Context

After you have identified a suspicious log event, you can easily access the actions that preceded it in order to understand how and why it happened. It is only when you have understood the context of an incident that you can take the necessary measures to solve it.

IT Forensics - Context

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